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FOOTBALL WORLD CUP PEACE BUILDING; The image potrays an image of soccer players in action during 2018 games.

Football world cup peace building initiatives are synonymous occurrences. Absence of peace normally occurs when parties involved feel that there are no binding factors that laminate them together and one party feels there is nothing that they will lose even if they transacted separately. That is explicit when a community rises against another community due to strives a miner as a child of one community has fought a child of the other community to fights against grazing fights fights and autonomy. Equally that may inform the logic behind situations where one nation rises against another nation over ‘justifiable’ and unjustifiable reasons. As such the psychology of peace and peace building circles around costs and rewards system.

On the other hand football world cup peace building strategy invokes thoughts that are somewhat ignored but that can productively help to reinforce peace building initiatives. But precisely how does football world cup peace building connect?. The answer lies on the attitudes that one deducts from the  previous and current world cup phenomena and experiences.

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Football world cup peace building experiences

  1. The games and the tournament coalesces people into one ‘nation’. Practically, when people stay in their own cocoons there is always a temptation for them to think that there way of life is the best practice ever as opposed to other peoples cultures. This is where one will culturally speaking skip The Honeymoon Stage, accept The Frustration Stage, skip the The Adjustment Stage and hence no acceptance values or stage.
  2. Football ball world cup peace building is explicit by the way people ‘gather together’ and brainstorm on what is intrinsically beneficial to them and what is not. Human beings are not humanistically  hell bent to behave like hens to beck into each other’s’ throats. The ID, Ego and Superego core of personality even the most primitive ones are well much ahead of the ones of animals. The animal part of humanity is advanced to the level of judging, brainstorming right from wrong. However, in most occasions there are other extraneous factors that make human interactions very polarized.
  3. Other extraneous issues football world cup peace building. Supposedly bad politics and politicians are the major culprits of thwart all the efforts of peace initiatives and claim the opposite. Politicians are the primarily responsible for initiating right policy that will eventually

Football world cup peace building are interrelated and synonymous to peace in that they give us a constant reminder that peace is not a remote issue but an achievable issue that can be attained through simple but collaborative means. The two digit figure of 10 countries that are actually not at war can be substantially be increased to 3 digit figure since we will view each other as complimentary and not supplementary in nature; Football world cup peace building and lessons from team spirit.

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