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Working against child labor

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Working against child labor

Dr Barongo

Working against child labor

Working against child labor; The picture a chid of underage who is working in a quary. Such scenarios are common in developing world where particularly in sub – Saharan Africa 1 in 4 children are enaged in forced child labor.

 Working against child labor may bear fruit when we understand the true intrigues of what precipitates against working against child labor. Child labor. According to the International labor organization (ILO), child labor is the vice of making underage people to work; this working deprives this children their childhood actualization, their potential and their dignity and subsequently impairing their physical and mental development.

Child labor is highest in Sub Saharan Africa where 1 in 4 children are engaged in child labor.

Since 2002 and in June 12th June annually the International Labor Organization launched (ILO) launched the day as the world day against child labour a day dedicated and

set aside to highlight the plight of child labor. However, there are several intrigues that soround the mystery of not able to eliminate factors that promote child labor.

The vice of child labor predisposes young children to a perpetuated form of vicious slavery and bondage where it will be very difficult for the young generation to break away. For instance most developing nations boasts of great percentage of its populace as being young. Ideally, this will be a great idea for many reasons including continuity of a generation, ready source of skilled and unskilled labor for a country. But the above trend which is really working against child labor mitigations will certainly not underscore positive ramifications.

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Some of the most common and worst forms of child labor are Slavery, Child , Debt bondage , Serfdom (a child being forced to stay and work in another persons’ land and is paid little or no pay at all) , Forced labour, armed conflict and  sexual exploitation

Challenges of Working against child labor

As much as working against child labor has been fought with all the efforts still the vise persists today.

Among the issues that hamper working against child labor is but not limited to the following;

  1. Lack of legislation or interference from political players especially when the political elite have vested interests on the vice.
  2. Due to prevailing level of poverty parents, families and caregivers are willing to allow their children to engage in Slavery, Child , Debt bondage , Serfdom (a child being forced to stay and work in another persons’ land and is paid little or no pay at all) , Forced labour, armed conflict and  sexual exploitation
  3. Lack of information makes any vice to sound normal since that is what an individual understands
  4. Armed conflicts. Due to the rampant cases of armed conflicts, its not uncommon for children to serve as cooks, messengers, sex slaves and killing instruments (forced to kill on behalf of the war lords engaged war) among other forms of slavery during armed conflicts.
  5. Culture enablers. Some studies have linked sexual slavery among children to retrogressive cultures that are very tolerant to sexual exploitation among children.

Working against child labor needs to be solved holistically since no nation will succeed when her young population are subjected to ideals that compromise their potential. Alternatively, the vice of child labor affects the children’s’ psychological, social, philosophical, religious, economic and other facets of their wellness.

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