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International Global parents day

June 1, 2018 | 0 Comments

International Global parents day

International Global parents day

International Global parents day

Parents, caregivers and all who take charge of children shoulder a very big responsibility in society. That’s why the International Global parents’ day should serve as a wakening call for the society in general. The International Global parents day is marked on the 1st of June of every year. The was earmarked by the UN General assembly of 2012 with an aim to honor parents throughout the world . This is because parents are deemed to selfless sacrifice for their children and nurturing in a very selfless relationship. We have all heard and experienced much deeds done by parents and caregivers in the course of bringing up their children.

International Global parents day realities

In as much as there is much that has been done by parents and caregivers to bring all rounded children, there seems that there are several gaps in the celebrations. There is a huge difference between the real and ideal practices of the International Global parents day. To begin with the International Global parents day is little known by majority of the world populace. Secondly, apart from the awareness itself, it may be certainly be undisputable as to the really actions that governments are doing to promote awareness of the International Global parents day or clear policy frameworks to promote family values and virtues. That is why some of the available data indicate that much of our families are dysfunctional due to parenting skills and lack of supportive systems. For John Bradshaw (2014) research indicated that more than 90% of American families are dysfunctional. This can be a picture of what is inherently present in not just American families but our society in general. Family systems therapists will partly attribute that to distorted or poor family support pillars.

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Way forward on International Global parents day

To unearth the perennial casual celebrations and circus on International Global parents day, the policy makers who are supposed to drive the 20130 agenda for sustainable development should employ realistic measures for prosperity of families. They should begin by understanding the burden that parents and caregivers in general are facing in terms of executing their role. Due to the political, social, economic, psychological, social among religious intrigues in society the role of parents has taken a back sit in general. Parenting is no longer the duty of parents but a function delegated to social media in general. Parenting is sometimes defined by paying school fees, buying luxuries, being ‘arm twisted’ by their children at the expense of teaching them good morals, values, virtues, religious values, right philosophies, right psychological thoughts etc. With no governments religious leaders, civil society and the like minded pushing for the right social practices, the International Global parents day will forever be like a car engine with no fuel . We are likely to experience more and more dysfunctional functional which will melt and spoil the moral fabric of the our society to the worse. Governments, religious leaders, NGOs among responsible for a should device ways of raising awareness and also reward proper responsible parents so as to encourages responsible society.







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