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PROMOTING COMPETITION SPORT TALENT; Why sporting initiatives should not be killed

Dr Barongo;  @Drbarongo



Promoting competition sport talent indirectly promotes many aspects of the human wellness. Sporting activities harvests a lot income for any kind of economy in the world. That’s why promoting completion sport talent needs serious attention than what we are currently seeing. On the other hand, sporting activities has a myriad of benefits apart from merely promoting economic benefits for any given economy.

Sporting activities promotes peace initiatives. There is an old adage that says people who ‘eat’ together stay together. As such individuals who engage in many activities together are likely to have reason why they should stay together. In many cases of war one of the major reason that fuel warring aspects is perceive no common engagements among the populace. Every individual communities which make a society of given nation feel they are self-sufficient in their operations.

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Ways of promoting competition sport talent

Healthy benefits. Currently, physicians have come to belief that many a health dilemma could be managed if the society could struggle to borrow the element of Promoting competition sport talent.  In the process of competitions not all individuals could many the to attain the conventional trophy targets or monetary benefits but could have promoted healthy life styles. This will rid the avoidable lifestyle ailments that come up particularly due to lack of exercise.

Income. It goes without saying and emphasis that sporting activities brings a lot of foreign exchange for nations that have taken sporting initiatives very seriously. Sporting opportunities should not be looked at only in terms of athletics or aspects that are prevalent in a given community, society or nation. For instance, if Kenya is ‘an athletic country’, Kenya should not focus all her energy on athletics only. Nations should borrow the United States of America who sweep many medals in Olympics. The USA normally gets world athletic completion medals not just from one sport but from diverse areas. It is true the USA is a relatively big in size and that could account for the logic behind the diversity of sporting initiatives, but that can be the very reason why relatively small nations globally like Kenya, Ethiopia among others should ‘only focus’ on running.

Countries should have formal policies for Promoting competition sport talent and for just recreation aspects and they will be surprised the sporting initiatives in the boardroom and real concerted initiatives with majority of their citizens.








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