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Family values training significance

Dr Barongo



Importance of family values training significance

Values can those aspects and ideals in our mindset that an individual holds dear to his/her life. Family values can have dimensions of social values, civic values, work values, religious values and general values.

As such family values training significance has value in a diverse ways. As noted from the values given and as can be deducted the aspects of values touches on all the major facets of human life. Social values helps on the social aspect, civic values touches on the civic responsibility of an individual, work values dictates and applies on the work related ethics of a person, religious values will shapes on the persons’ relationship with his deity while general values encompasses on all the unconventional values that are held by a person as accepted by the prevailing circumstances in the society.

Most societies and communities may suffer since sections of the society have no intent and efficacy to hold on to the appropriate values as relating family values training significance.

Some of the fora addressing family values training significance are schools, churches, homes, work place, recreational places among other for a.

Proper family values training inculcation enables adaptive behaviors and avoidance of social problems. Currently the negative values are upheld as if they are the normal daily occurrences.

In social gathering one will experience disrespect and courtesy
Volunteer work, unkindness to others, lack of Standing up for others especially elders, inappropriate discipline, unjustified negative Attitudes toward others and obscene
Choice of language.

In civic dimensions negative attributes when people fight unfairly for Opportunities, lack of quality, lack of patriotism, infringement of freedom, violation of Individual rights and lack of respect of rule law.

In the Work place Values that should be upheld are cooperation, commitment to excellence, creativity and expression, satisfaction in achievements, financial security or stability, spending philosophy, productivity, education and knowledge

Religious Values that religious leaders should propagate are reverence for God, adherence to commandments, church attendance, and abstinence before marriage, dress and appearance.

Other general values that are applicable in addressing family values are , honesty, Trustworthiness, compassion, Courage, Integrity, Patience, Persistence, Gratitude, Fun, Positive attitude and
Quality time together. Negative outcomes as regards to these general values is a predictor that Family values training significance is headed to doom and that may jeopardize societal coexistence since the family is the basic unit of society.

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