Youth Network Integrated Services for Research and Development (YoNISeRD) is a local Kenyan non-government organization established in the year 2015 to promote social – economic development programmes targeting the youth while at the same time undertaking research aimed at creating synergies to promote youth empowerment


A model class youth network in advancement of social welfare, research, and provision of health and livelihood opportunities for and by the youth.


To train, promote and carry out relevant interventions that address youth and societal issues in selected counties in Kenya through environmental conservation, social-economic empowerment, prevention and mitigation of alcohol and drug abuse, peace building, promotion of art and culture, leadership and governance and human rights


To identify, tap and optimally harness the potential of the under-privileged youth in society so as to strike a judicious balance between their quality of life as well as their meaningful contribution to nation building

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Our Core Focus Areas

Civic Participation: ensuring a significant contribution to the development processes, resulting in public policy and practice that supports and is accountable to young people.

Livelihoods and Employment: young people are taking up sustainable and productive livelihood opportunities that contribute to their household income and economy of their society.

Environmental conservation: Partner and collaborate with various agencies and governments for capacity building and promotion of community participation in raising environmental awareness and protection

Sustainable development: Encouraging and empowering the youth to take up leadership roles that guide communities towards sustainable exploitation of natural resources.

Research and Extension: conducting extensive research on environmentally sustainable models of development, new farming methods, and water conservation methods.

Sexual and Reproductive Health: young people are making informed decisions and engaging in safe sexual and reproductive health practices that lead to healthy lives.

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