Youth Integrated Services For Research and Development

Youth Network Integrated Services for Research and Development (YoNISeRD) is a local Kenyan non-government organization established in the year 2015 to promote social – economic development programs targeting the youth while at the same time undertaking research aimed at creating synergies to

promote youth empowerment. It was established by 5 like-minded young people with the aim of providing space for the youth to discuss issues affecting them and initiating programs that enable them to transform and take charge of their lives as well as improving their leadership potential.

A model class youth network in advancement of social welfare, research, and provision of health and livelihood opportunities for and by the youth.

To train, promote and carry out relevant interventions that address youth and societal issues in selected counties in Kenya through environmental conservation, social-economic empowerment, prevention and mitigation of alcohol and drug abuse, peace building, promotion of art and culture, leadership and governance and human rights.

To identify, tap and optimally harness the potential of the under-privileged youth in society so as to strike a judicious balance between their quality of life as well as their meaningful contribution to nation building.

  • Civic Participation: young people and the broader youth sector are significant contributors to development processes, resulting in public policy and practice that both supports and is accountable to young people.
  • Livelihoods and Employment: young people are taking up productive livelihoods and employment opportunities that contribute to their household income and the economies of their communities.
  • Sexual and Reproductive Health: young people are making informed decisions and engaging in safe sexual and reproductive health practices that lead to healthy lives.
  • Inculcation of social values in youth
  • Providing vocational skills to youths in social enterprises within established market demand.
  • Advocacy on the human rights of the most vulnerable and underserved members of the community.
  • To improve youth knowledge in practical skills and education that can make them entrepreneurs as well as empowering those who have got little or no chance of formal education with basic technical/vocational skills
  • Empower youth with basic information communication technology (ICT) skills.
  • Encourage and empower the youth to take up leadership roles and responsibilities that guide the development and direction of the community.
  • Partner and collaborate with other stakeholders in capacity building and promotion of community participation in environmental awareness and protection text block.

Our approach is bottom up and holistic, focusing on individual behaviour change amongst young people as well as systematic change in policy and practice towards a more supportive environment for youth led development. We deliver grassroots programmes in some of the most hard to reach and underserved areas leveraging the impact of our volunteers by creating a network of young leaders and supporting them to progress in their careers and to be champions of youth-led development. We encourage the government and other stakeholders and policymakers to engage young people in the decisions that affect them while also building the capacity of other organizations to work more effectively with and for young people. We produce research toolkits, guidance and generate evidence to share our experience with the global youth sector to ensure we are serving youth in the most coordinated and impactful way.

Keeping Our Youth in Good Health

Our Partners

Nyamira County Government
kisii County Government
ADRA kenya
Typical Youth Network Achievables

Focus on what matters to the social fabric

Commitment to Project Plans

The funds we raise will always go
100% to the intended project.

Economic Empowerment

Raising the economic potential of villages.

Drug and Substance Abuse

Get our youth out of a life wrecking menace known as drug abuse

Strengthening Governance

Spending much time working towards achieving good governance in society


Total Projects

Village Tours

Empowered Rural Farmers


Our Donation Causes

Integrate the youth into the economic activities of communities

CHANGE A Youth's

Sponsoring the youth is the most powerful way that you can fight poverty.

Join the efforts to raise standards of life in rural societies
Sponsor a youth group

The youth need not be excluded from society. They aspire for opportunities to grow.

Youth Engagement Projects in 2018

We sought to engage as many youths as possible in different activities.

Natural Resource Mobilization
Cultural, Social, and Political participation
Upcoming Event

Women Leadership in Rural Development

Date: 10/26/2018
Location: Bomwagamo, Nyamira County

Progress to A Balanced Society

The Youth Integrated Network Plays its role


Volunteers on the ground


Farmers targeted


Drug and Substance abuse educational events